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CHANTEUSERIE; an iconic kind of song.
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[stock] coffee
Title: Mr Freakshow
Songs: "Mr Freakshow" by Gin Wigmore (Kiwi artist, HELL YEAH)
Spoilers: Nope!
Pairing: Guy/Marian, Robin/Marian
Summary: The main idea running through this is "hey, Marian has some douche-y foolish boys in her life, don't she?" (Yeah, I'm deep, I know.) I also wanted to do this because it's a cheerful song, and there are so very many angsty vids on YouTube...

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[stock] coffee
This was originally intended for the lovely snowystingray as part of a Christmas present. Unfortunately, circumstances intervened, and I wasn't able to get it to you quite as I had envisioned! I kept working on it anyway, and so here it is. Better late than never?

A little bit about the track choices.Collapse )

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11th-Nov-2009 11:00 pm - One Arthur/Gwen wallpaper, 1280x800.
[stock] coffee
Like it says. Do comment if you're taking, and don't cut it up to use for icons or claim as your own. Ta!

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[stock] coffee
Three LaRomCom wallpapers! Henry/Lucy, and two Peter/Sarah.

Quotes are from la_romcom, obviously, which is the creation of littledivinity and dollsome. The pictures I snagged from a couple of dollsome's picspams, with the exception of the Richard Armitage and Lucy Griffiths manip which is courtesy of littledivinity.

Do tell me if there's anything weird going down with any of the links or whatever? Ta.

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[stock] coffee
Various Robin Hood icons
- 4 silly Capslock!Hood icons
- 4 Lucy Griffiths
Spooks icons

Isabella wallpaper (1280x800) - but can easily be centered on any computer, and will look fine.

Comment, credit, please to not hotlink. Thanks!

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[stock] coffee
Quite simply, Emma Thompson is someone who I respect, admire, and am amused and inspired by. Picspam format nabbed somewhat from curlybeach's fantastic David Tennant picspam here.

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3rd-Sep-2009 07:52 am - MIX: Nor Boundless Sea [Jacob/Bella]
[stock] coffee
There seems such a certainty to the words 'true love' and 'meant to be'. But there is a trust that can be broken, just like a heart. Friendship is gentler. It demands less of Bella except to be there with him, with her Jacob. He brings her out of herself, from the darkness that has been so constant, around her and with her. Vampires take, bleed dry; wolves might sometimes be uncouth, but they are good-natured, protective, warming. Is it any wonder, then, that a future with him begins to become something she wants, something sort of beautiful in its own way?

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22nd-Aug-2009 08:08 am - MIX: Signs & Seasons [Much/Eve] - EP
[stock] coffee
She was expecting to have to tempt and smoulder, and prepared to loathe. But instead she found herself fed, laughing, singing. She loved him for that. And she does wait for him; though by the time he appears, her practical side (and her mother) have almost won out. He is a sadder, quieter man than she remembers. He is unsure if a woman he knew for a week and left for a year will even want to speak to him. She takes his hand, and waits for him to speak when he is ready.

Be still for a spell...Collapse )

Comments/feedback are ace and fabulous.

The intro idea is care of boxed - do check out some of her fanmixes at timeisfiction, because they are so beautifully done. She's done some True Blood ones recently, but there's Doctor Who too.
[stock] coffee
She's in London as a matron, he's a doctor in Shanghai. So they write, linked by letters and a promise between them. Hers are longer than his, but in places the ink blotches or a letter will trail out of its line as if its writer had drifted into sleep.

What should I do, she asks, when I cannot help caring so much?
Share it with me, he says.

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19th-Aug-2009 09:07 am - MIX: Damn She Fierce [Isabella]
[stock] coffee
Isabella Gisborne won't take this from you. Isabella Gisborne doesn't care what you think of what she did with that boy. She doesn't care about the family name. You forbid her from going to see him. You tie her to a chair to stop her. She'll get free. She won't care how much the rope burns smart. Later, when you're asleep, she'll put your hand in a bowl of warm water. She'll laugh as you wet the bed.

Isabella Thornton is afraid. Isabella Gisborne would have laughed and escaped. But Isabella Thornton is tied to this bed in this small dark room by a force that frightens her into silence. She cannot fight back. She does not think she deserves this. Isabella keeps herself together by hating the brother that placed her here.

Isabella doesn't want to hear your words. She doesn't need a man to protect her. Once she had a brother who promised the same. Isabella is ice and alone, but she is in control.

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